To Foreigners

Secure employment system

Increasing the number of foreign workers, illegal brokers also increase and cause various problems in Japan in these days.
We have established a working system described below without undue worries for foreigners.

  • Trader who received the permission of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • Full of social insurance and labor insurance
  • Issue Working conditions notice, Employment notice and Employment conditions express

The main job category

We shall be dealing with a wide range of occupations, such as Manufacturing, Packaging, Inventory management and Delivery because Gowell is the mother Transport industry and Warehousing industry.

  • Line work (Automobile manufacturing, Gaming machine manufacturing, Electronics product manufacturing, etc.)
  • Inside (warehouse) work etc.
  • Clerical work staff etc.

Work qualification

If you meet the following conditions, both Japanese as well as foreigner could register.
After you registered, we will introduce you the work that is commensurate with your ability and experience.

  • Living in Japan currently (Permanent resident or Permanent resident), or already obtained a Working visa
  • Required speaking enough Japanese to have a normal daily conversation

Flow of Employment

Flow of Employment images

First of all, please apply for reservation of registration on the phone, and visit us.
In order to introduce you a job, you must be registered by a job interview and some procedures.
Phone number for the reservation; 052-441-1980

矢印Registration interview
Registration must be done at Go well by a job interview.
Please bring your Identification and Resume at the time.
If you are the person who has foreign nationality, please bring Alien registration certificate or Passport.

矢印Work introduction
After completion of registration, we will inform you the detail of conditions and description on the phone as soon as we found the job you want.

矢印Employment contract
Finally we confirm the details of employment conditions and description of the job etc., and make a contract of employment if there is no problem.
※There may be a meeting for the work content in advance depending on your job .

矢印Start work as a temp
When we determined your job officially, you shall start work at the companies.
Please don't hesitate to call us for any problems and inquires on the job.